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Vilása, in a short span, has established itself as a home accents brand that fuses bespoke artisanal Indian elements with a contemporary flair. Through intricate design detail, using natural materials and traditional techniques, we create ethereal designs suited to modern living and sensibilities.

Using premium materials, the process of handcrafting Vilása’s one-of-a-kind products has not, in some cases, changed in 500 years. The same ageless beauty, synonymous with the time the Taj Mahal was built, is also present in Vilása’s current designs. One of the reasons the products stand out is because of the time and labour dedicated to their creation. The end product owes as much to contemporary design as to centuries-old craftsmanship. The results are exquisite home accents that are distinctly Indian - evoking the country's proud artisanal heritage — but with a stylish and modern aesthetic.

Elegance Redefined: The Story of Vilása

Vilasa's story is as heartfelt as its products. In the heart of Delhi, two childhood friends embarked on a remarkable journey that would redefine luxury in the world of home accents. Their shared vision of creating a brand that fused timeless sophistication with modern design culminated in the birth of Vilása. The duo realized that their unique blend of skills and experiences could transform their collective vision into reality.

With unwavering determination, they set out to create a brand synonymous with luxury and Indian Modernism. Each piece crafted was a testament to their shared memories and their aspiration to bring beauty into the homes of others. Their designs seamlessly wove together classic elegance and contemporary style, resulting in an exclusive collection that captured the essence of luxury living.

With their childhood bond as a foundation, they built a thriving business that celebrated the art of refined living.

Today, Vilása stands as a testament to friendship, artistry and a shared dream. Their exquisite home accents are a testament to the enduring legacy of friends who dared to dream

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